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Brian Howell

Guest DaveG

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Brian Howell, the Editor of Madison Magazine, Madison, Wisconsin, has died of lung cancer, Sunday, November 23. Please take a moment and read his editorial, as this was his last editorial for Madison Magazine. I talked with Brian and his wife, shortly after his diagnosis. I believe the editorial he wrote took much courage, but spoke the truth about lung cancer.


Also, go to http://www.channel3000.comand read the features that Channel 3, Madison, Wisconsin has written about Brian.

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I have read the article and I think he is absolutely right....all the questions I ever get about my husbands death of lund cancer begin always with the same question : smoke or no smoke.Ah well.....

It is altogether a very complex subject involving goverment taxes as well as advertising , tobacco industry etc etc.

I am so sorry to read that he died!

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Guest Piermarie

That was a very interesting article which also brings up the "flip side" of that smoke or not smoke question that gets asked....I find it necessary to automatically tell people that my mom NEVER smoked right after I tell them she has lung ca. So, I too, feel that stigma that is attached to lung cancer and should not care what people think, but I do??!!?? It shouldn't matter how someone got ANY cancer, it is still the most DREADFUL disease to watch someone go through (surely worse for the person with it)!!! I was very ignorant to this disease and I work in the medical field since '87. I never thought someone with no history of smoking could EVER get lung cancer but now my eyes are open and continue to open more and more every day.

If nothing else, cancer hitting our family made me more empathetic and appreciate every day we are given on this earth and every day we have to spend with the people we love the most. I had such a hard time getting past the point of "why cancer, why my mom" instead of trying to see that it did bring some good into my life and hopefully make me a better person....

I'll get off my soap box now!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone and God Bless!!!


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I am so sorry to hear about Brian Howell's passing. His letter was extremely well done and hopefully brought awareness to another level for those who read that magazine. I know it is important to get folks better informed about this disease.

I have the ALCASE lung cancer ribbon on my purse and find that so many people associate the ribbon symbol with breast cancer. It has allowed me to strike up conversations about the imbalance of funding and the whole stigma issue with so many folks. They often seem stunned at the statistics, especially when they think about 10% of the 164,000 being nonsmokers. That 16,400 amount seems to move their emotions more than the total I believe because of that darn stigma that if you smoked you shouldn't be surprised to get cancer. I always gently remind them that the smokers and former smokers are just as deserving of a life well lived...they're someone's grandma, grandpa, mom, dad, brother, sister...we're all part of God's family and our view should never be that anyone deserves this beast. Leaves them thinking.

On another note, I have been meaning to write a post to you that I am a transplanted Cheesehead. :) I was born in Appleton in 1965 and we moved to Washington when I was 12. I saw that you are in Baraboo. I am assuming that would be the same Baraboo that had the circus back when I was little. (I have only been back once, actually more of a trip to Minn. where my grandmother lives, but we did journey across the state line for an extended family get together. I had forgotten how serious mosquitoes are there in August.) Anyway, we often talk about a move to the Midwest but with family time being so important especially now, just can't seem to get away from the drizzle of Washington. I jointly cheer on the Packers and the Seahawks, and I think this is the first year ever that they are battling each other's records for a wildcard spot. Interesting turn of events. (If you haven't guessed, I'm a bit of a sports nut thanks to my dad. I prefer sports over those reality shows for a quick break from the "real world". :wink: )

Take care, Dave. Been keeping you in prayer since reading your other recent posts. God bless~

Karen M.

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Now that the question has been raised, Baraboo is the home of the Ringling Brothers. They formed their circus right here in Baraboo and wintered here for many years until they moved to Florida. Circus World Museum is located on the original grounds where the Greatest Show on Earth wintered. Many of the buildings comprising the museum, are some of the buildings used by the circus. The museum is open year round, however from May thru September a Big Top with actual circus acts, is in operation. Having worked there one summer and driving past there every day, the museum is worth the trip to Baraboo, WI.

Several have asked before about Baraboo, now you know what Baraboo, WI is famous for. Several of the homes that the Ringlings lived in are still standing. One home is still owned by the descendants. The Elks Club occupies one of the homes.

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