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MRI Results


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Well the liver lesion is still there after all according to the MRI. NOT WHAT I WANTED TO HEAR.

There is a small signal intensity change in the dome of the liver measuring about 7mm in greatest diameter. On the CT examination on 1/21/08 it measured about 2.3cm and on 3/20/08 it measured 1cm. Therefore this is believed to represent decrease in size of the solitary lesion in the liver and good response to treatment. There is no abnormal contrast enhancement. No other lesion is seen in the liver. The upper abdominal organs are partially obscured by artifact generated from magnetic filter of the aortic graft placement.

A small cystic appearing structure is seen in the right kidney measuring about 9.4mm. This is new.

No other abnormal mass is seen.


Residual mass in the dome of the liver measuring about 7x5mm at this time.

We will meet with the Radiologist tomorrow to discuss if Tom is a candidate for the Gamma Knife or Radio Frequency Ablation on what's left in the liver. But I guess it is ultimately up to Rad Onc is it not?

Should I consider this a good report? I don't know.


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Denise, I'd take it as a good report. Of course, we want all these little anomalies to be gone RIGHT NOW, but that doesn't happen very often. If something is not getting bigger, that's good. If it's getting smaller, that's even better. Aloha,


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We knew that everything was shrinking from last weeks CT Scan. According to the CT the liver lesion was not appreciated and we were thrilled with the news. But the MRI shows it is still there. That to me seems discouraging.


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I take it as a good report. It didn't get any bigger and thats what really counts. As Ned said, we would all like all this crap to go away IMMEDIATELY but sometimes it has to be a little bit at a time.

Let us know what you find out at the next appt.

Hugs - patti B.

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