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Thank You to (i think my cancer is back)

lori sherley

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Hi this is Lori again; I want to thank everybody for there responses to my message the other day, all of you had the same response "GET ANOTHER ONCOLOGYST" what i didn't mention is i am on Clark Co social services, medicade denied me last year when i applied to social security. My job dosn't offer health insurance & i can't afford it, i have reapplied for medicade but that takes 4-6 months to be approved, so in the mean while i have to see the county oncologyst. I did find out that Dr. Ellerton the only oncologyst last year dosn't work there anymore so i will be seeing a different Dr. today. I wish now that i have read some of your stories that i would have done chemo after surgery, but i trusted my Dr when he said he got enough good tissue around the 2.5 tumor, they removed both lobes because the tumor was in between both lobes, also DR. Ellerton was my boyfriends lymphoma Dr. & he's been in remission for 3 yrs. Well it's only 8am my Dr. appt isn't till 4pm. so it's going to be a long day. It's sooooo good to come to a place where everybody is familier. (they dont have a lung cancer support group here in Las Vegas) I go to my boyfriends lymphoma support group once a month, but it's not the same, a stage 4 lymphoma & a stage 4 lung cancer are not the same. Thanks for listening to me & thank you for your responses i will update after i get back from the Dr. today. Lori Sherley

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Hi Lori, and I'm sorry you needed to find us, but am glad that we are here for you.

My hubby and I had a winter home in Vegas, but as for Medical in that City, it's nothing to write home to mom about. :roll::wink: I even had a Pulm Doc say to me (from Vegas) "What the HELL are you doing here in Vegas with your health issues?" But, there are also good doctor's everywhere, it's just trying to find them.

It's ALWAYS easy for us here to suggest to people "get a second opinion", but not everyone can do that do to insurance reasons, or some not having any insurance.

Have your doc's at this time told you that you are a stage IV? I am going to ask you a favor and that is, look below and read over my PROFILE BELOW. I ask that you take the time to fill out your PROFILE for all of us. It's so much easier for us to be able to read over someone's PROFILE so we can better help you, rather then go back and page through your old messages. :wink: Click On PROFILE on the top of the page, and scroll down to Signature and fill in your medical information, date of Diagnosis, Surgery, Treatments if you had them, etc, and click SUBMIT.

I would suggest asking your doctor's office or call the Amercian Cancer Society and see if they know of any "ALL TYPE of Cancer Support Groups" just a plain old Cancer Support Group around. Or see if there is a Gilda's Place in your area. The emotions with all of us dx.d with any kind of cancer are pretty much the same, but the treatments are different. Getting support from other cancer survivors is helpful, even if they don't have lung cancer. You always have us here to talk to about lung cancer issues.

Best wishes, and I hope you'll stay with us, and allow us to walk the walk with you. Don't EVER give up hope. This is a bumpy road now and then but it IS TREATABLE & BEATABLE!!! :wink:

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