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so sad


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I just learned something that is so sad. It is not LC related but it makes me wonder where the fairness is in this life.

My grand daughter posted on MySpace. A boy that she graduated with a week ago tonight hung himself. She ahd her date had double dated with him and his date. Her and all of her friends are all heartbroken. At appears he had a very bad relationship with hs parents.

It just upsets me to see someone I love so upset but there is another reason as well. So many people we know have been fighting the fight of their life for their lives. To learn someon deliberately took their own life is very upsetting. It just seems so unfair when so many would do anything to live :!:

This just makes me so sad :cry:

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lilyjohn, I read your post earlier, but couldn't bear to respond right away. I had an aunt and a friend who both committed suicide. So senseless!

I was so angry at my aunt. It took me a very long time to understand that she didn't deserve my anger. She deserved my pity...and my compassion. She was mentally ill. Honestly, all the signs were there, but we didn't see them for what they were.

Several years later, a friend of mine hung himself. He could have stood up and he would have saved himself! But he didn't stand up. He was also a young man. He was going through some pretty difficult stuff at the time, but nothing that he couldn't have overcome with time and the support of his friends and family. He was so loved! Even after all these years, I am still heartbroken for his family.

I'll add your granddaughter and the young man's friends and family to my prayers. I understand how much they are hurting.

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