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Mom is doing Clinical Trial


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Hi all,

I posted previously asking if anyone had taken Gleevec because my mom was a possible candidate for the drug thats part of a clinical trial. She found out today that she qualifies for it (in order to take the drug you have to have a certain gene matchup). Anyhow, she is going to take that indefinitely. It's another source of hope anyway.

We had been pretty discouraged because after 6 months of chemo, her cancer started growing back pretty aggressively and she's been very uncomfortable with the pain the cancer in the liver is causing.

Anyhow, that's the news for now.

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I was happy to read your post that you mom can take Gleevac (the gene that they have detected in her is likely the c-kit gene). I did a lot of research (what is out there) on Gleevac and was so hopeful and excited about it for my dad. Unfortunately, he did not have the c-kit gene present in his SCLC so Gleevac ended up not being an option. It has been amazing with CML and gasto-intestinal cancers so hopefully it will show some success with SCLC (especially because there is just nothing out there to treat recurrent SCLC effectively). I lost my remarkable father in April -- You, your mom and family will be in my thoughts and prayers. I hope that Gleevac will prove to be a blessing to you all! Please keep posting with updates.

take care,


p.s. I posted last Spring (probably in Feb and March) with links to articles re: Gleevac -- you might want to do a search to see if they are still on the message board.

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Thank you everyone for your support. Right now my mom is REAL sick. I am so worried for her. The gleevec makes her vomit, even with anti-nausea pills, well actually now she's taking supositories (sp?) for her nausea. She is VERY weak and tired and has no appetite. I hope she pulls through. I've heard of others having real low times like this, but I'm beginning to wonder whether she will pull out of it. She doesn't seem to have much will to live right now. I'll keep you posted.


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