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Dad getting blood....


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Doctor is putting my dad threw a couple packs of blood.. You know,,, blood transfusions... I don't really know all that much about em.. But I think they're good right.....???? He also says the pain has gone down a lil'... the meds are still making him really tired... i'll keep updating.. take care,,, all of you!!!


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Hiya Adam

Blood transfusion is essintial specially for your fath cause he has the same problem as mine...cancer in spine......doesnt help in rbc and at a certain point he'd need it..but yes he'd feel better and better....and usually each pack increases his blood hp 1 point or so

and if i were you....i'd feed him all the good stuff that helps him maintain his blood level while he is feeling extra good!

I'm so very glad that his pain is getting less.........and i wish him full recovery

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