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Anyone on Chantix....need info


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I'm wondering just how effetive Chantix is & also what side effects anyone has experienced.

I"m off cigarettes as long as I wear the Nicoderm patch but when I finish the course I am back to smoking.

I'm smoking about 3 cigarettes most days but I hate myself for doing that.

I am just so addicted to those d*** things & don't have the will power to stop on my own.

Thought the Chantix might work better.


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I can't speak for everyone, but it took me two times taking Chantix to fully quit. Of course the NSCLC DX really helped that decision along. Some strange dreams for me, b ut nothing that I couldn't handle. Takes the physical craving away, some of the mental is still there but dealable. My husband used accupunture to quit, he had a 3 pack a day habit.


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Hi Creekgirl-

I have never used Chantrix but heard some bad press on TV about it. Hopefully someone will come along and know what the big hub-bub was all about.

Please be careful smoking and using the patch. That can be very dangerous for your heart, I guess.

Ever tried Zyban???? That was one of the first stop smoking drugs that came out a long time ago and I heard it was pretty good.

Good luck with whatever you use. And hey, don't be too hard on yourself. Down to three a day is pretty good. Once you are given a dx of LC, the stress level makes it difficult to quit. I wonder if I could have after my dx. Fortunately for me, I had a pretty easy time of quitting - I was pregnant!!

Hugs - Patti B.

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I took it for only a few weeks..never had any real problems with it. Can't tell ya if it helped or not. When I got my dx that was it for me 1 1/2 years cold turkey. Don't get down on yourself...if you are getting down to a few a day you are going the right way. Just a footnote to PattiBs post. Zyban does work pretty well sometimes but ins. will not pay for it...tell them you want Wellbutrin...used for depression. Its the exact same drug marketed under 2 diff. names. Of course if you are already taking a anti-depressant they wont give you Wellbutrin. Keep us posted.

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My mom started taking Chantix just before she was diagnosed and continued to take it afterwards. I believe she was on it for about 3 months. It worked for her without any side effects (that I know about). And she had smoked for over 35 years. Not sure if it would have worked as well without the dx, but she had tried quitting so many times over the years and the Chantix was the only thing that worked. I know there has been some bad press, but I'm not sure what it was all about.

Good luck to you--I'm not a smoker but from watching my mom struggle with her addiction I know how terribly hard it is to quit.


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Hello All.....I want to thank you for all the info on the Chantix.

Should have posted sooner about it but am now dealing with the repercussions of some health problems that my DH has. He had 5 blockages in his heart & was in hospital to have a stent put in. They didn't do anything about the other 4. He has a very low heart rate & doctors are trying to find a medication he can take without it affecting his b/p. It's always something, isn't it? :(

I am on my 4th week of Chantix (scrip given to me by pul doc) & haven't smoked since August 1 which is 18 days....... not that I'm counting.

The only side effects that I notice are some drowsiness & also I have been having some really strange dreams. I know that everyone dreams but all my life I've only been able to remember a few of them when I wake in the morning so in a way I consider the dreaming a plus. And the dreams are in color!

There have been a few times when I still wanted to smoke but when giving the idea a second thought have decided that I just was not going to do that. DH stopped smoking about a week before I did (without any patch or Chantix) so that makes it easier for me also.

Healthwise I do notice that I have less sob & at pul rehab I am making very good progress. I think some of it is due to the no smoking.

Thanks again.....Creekgirl

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Congratulations on the 18 days. It is hard but the Chantix does make it dealable. I had some pretty cool dreams as well. Keep up the good work and remember to pat yourself on the back everytime you resist that urge. Yes, even wanting to go an grab the smoke out of the hands of the smoker in the car next to you. That is when the urge hits me the most, long commute and smokers in car next to me.

Good luck with the DH.

Your both in my prayers


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