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chemo-tumor size


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just wondering if anyone had their tumor shrink during their 3rd-6th rounds of chemo if CT only showed stable disease after the 1st 2 rounds?

i guess particulary for anyone who has been on taxol/carboplatin but anyone else too.


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Tom had slight shrinkage after the first 2 rounds and even more after the 3rd and 4th rounds. By the time we started radiation at the end of May the tumor had shrunk by about half. We just finshed up with 7 rounds of carbo/taxol and 35 radiation treatments to the chest. We are awaiting the next scan on 8/17 with results to be on 8/18.


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I didn't have a tumor but the pleural thickening in my chest wall was stable after two rounds of carbol/taxol/avastin. The next scan (when? don't remember) showed improved and after six rounds plus two avastin maintenance infusions was gone and I was in remission. I know that first stable was disappointing for me but guess now that the important thing in the long run was no growth. Be encouraged!

Judy in Key West

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