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A few hours away from 1 year anniversary...


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I am trying to get everything ready for mom's funeral tomorrow and just needed a place to go... which is here. :)

I can't believe in a few hours she will have been gone for a year. It still feels like only a few days ago. I am nervous about the funeral and if I did everything right for her... it's a bit unorthodox to have a funeral 1 year later, but then again my mom never followed the rules. I hope the service will bring a sense of closure for her friends. For me, I am not sure what to expect... I just miss my mom and wish she were here and wish she could hear me.

Thank you for being there for me and listening.

Warmest regards to everyone taking care of a loved one and having lost one... my heart goes out to you.


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THoughts Prayers and Hugs today!! I know this is hard to do but just let things happen today.Take care of yourself and those around You!!

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So sorry you're having to go through all this.

As the 62-year old lung cancer mother of an only child, I see in you what my own daughter will be going through soon and I hurt for the both of you.

All I can think of is to tell you that I am sure that your mother, like myself, considered herself one of the luckiest women in the world to have such a special daughter.

With love and affection,


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