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You all have no clue how much this web site and all you wonderful people have helped me..if I didn't find out about this site I would be in a mental hospital or even have had a heart attack from stress and worry. when I'm laying in bed tossing and turning with worry I think of all of you, your stories of survial and answers you all have given me when I asked questions... This has been a God send.

And by the way, my hubby is back doing great again just like you people said, it was the 4th round of chemo.

Thanks to all

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So happy to hear that -- and keep those reports coming!

I think many of us could tell stories about our first visit to the site, about the speed and quantity and helpfulness of the responses to our very first post. LCSC was near the top of the list when I decided to Google "lung cancer support" one predawn morning -- and I never needed to go to page 2.

Much Aloha,


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Glad hubby is doing better. Chemo is accumulative and it unfortunately can't kick cancer butt without kicking the rest of ya too. My hubby had periods of time where he took frequent naps too and then he would rally til the next chemo. Of course, my opinion can't compare to the cancer patients who have experienced the effects for themselves. Hope he continues to feel better and better.


PS: Yes, Coni, this site with all of it's wonderful caring people are a godsend.

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