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Christmas Shopping message to all

Guest Jonathan

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Guest Jonathan

Hi everyone,

I am sure most of you already know this are simply quite tired of hearing it, however, I feel that should say it anyway....If you are on chemo this holiday season, be very cautious...no matter how well you feel. If your on chemo there is a very high likelyhood that you have a compromised immune systen and cannot fight off the germs most others can i.e...(colds, flus, viruses, coughs, etc.) I am by NO means advocating staying in the house, or not going out shopping, to a restaurant, or to a family get together...I am advocating and strongly encouraging however, frequent hand washing, (every hour or so). Sometimes people prefer to carry around Purrel hand sanitzer etc. Alos, beware of all those kisses....hugs ill do...it's not worth the flu, or a lingering cold. I know in my family we had a rule that everyone had to wash their hands as soon as they came in the house, and almost daily I wiped door knobs, handles...etc. with those Clorox wipes to kill any brought in germs for mom.

Last but not least I wish everyone on here a very happy holiday season, and hope that all of you get out there and enjoy this season. Just stay healthy and don't forget to protect yourselves. There are a lot of sick holiday shoppers out there! You guys are the greatest!


PS>> How many of you have had flu shots??

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Good caution, Jonathan. Thanks for the reminder. Where my wife took chemo, and gets her Zometa IVs, there is a sign that says, "Please do not bring children here because the people here can have depressed immune systems." It just shows how much the little ones bring home. Don

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