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My Mom's calves ache

The Bosses Wife

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Hi everyone! Hope this post finds everyone doing well! :) My Mom was diagnosed with NSCLC in June. After a wild roller coaster ride she is finally having treatments and doing very well (knock on wood!!) The problem that has been bothering her daily are pains and achey-ness in her calves. Although she has had a dopler ultrasound which came back negative for clots, positive for some sluggish blood flow in one of her legs....she is in a lot of discomfort. The doctors suggested that she be fitted for support hose. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this discomfort? It's not in her joints, just in her calf muscles. Thanks so much. susan

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Nope, her meds are taxol, carbo. It was suggested that she get some Ted support hose, that this acheyness and cramping might be from her age (she's almost 81) and just coincidental that it occured during her treatments. we'll see how this works. I also suggested to her to try some tonic water as the quinine is supposed to be beneficial as well. I'll keep you all posted. Susan

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I was hospitalized last fall after my gall bladder surgery, for severe dehydration among other issues. I had THE WORST muscle aches and cramps in my calves from the dehydration.

Maybe getting some additional fluids into Mom as well as the support hose would be beneficial.

Sending lots of positive thoughts..



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