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Hi Everyone!

Haven't posted lately, but it's good to read others news and get back up to speed.

Just returned from my Nephew's wedding. Beautiful ceremony, yet very emotional for everyone. Not a dry eye in the place. He and his bride did a wonderful job of thanking their parents for making them what they are today.

I did the flowers (they turned out ok) and while I was busy working on them prior to the wedding, Zach asked if I'd dance with him during the "Mother and Son" dance during the reception. Geeze, I thought I'd burst into tears right then and there. Of course, I told him I'd be honored, while secretly panicking that I wouldn't be able to make it through the dance without a major meltdown. The D.J. suggested to us that about half way through the song, we invite all Moms and Sons to join us. That helped to get us through, and the meltdown was (somewhat) avoided!

So now they start their new life together, and I look at the wedding photos with a sad eye as a major player is missing in those pictures. How I miss that beautiful sister of mine. Ellie

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Oh (((Ellie))), I'm sure the flowers were far more than merely 'okay' :wink: . How special a lady you are to have your nephew share such a poignant moment with you on his wedding day ~ his wedding dance. I cannot even imagine the range of emotions you went through. Please share some pics here for all of us ~ flowers too!

Glad to see you here. Hope the job is rewarding and that they allow you to get to PSU for some of the games. Maybe we'll try to get ther for one you're planning to attend. We'll work on that.

Take care.


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