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Whole body bone scan...


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My dad has been booked for a 'whole body bone scan' after we showed our concern for his shoulder pain. We received the appointment today and he's booked to have it done next Thursday (11th). Although he is due to have Chemo that same morning.

I have left a message with his Keyworker to see how this will work. I am thinking that he might be able to have the 'Nuclear Medecine injection' and then b/c the wait for then scan is 2-3 hours he might go for his chemo in that time. He usually has Chemo between 10.30-11am and the injection is booked for 10.30. It will make it easier for us if this is how it can be done, but I don't know if having that injection might interfere with Chemo or Vice Versa.

I'm glad that he's been booked in for this though!!

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