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New Pain


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My mom was diagonosed sept 07 with NSCLC with mets to brain and adrenals. She is sleeping much of the time, but still caring for herself. She has to hang onto walls when she walks because of nerooptathy(her walking is getting worse). Yesterday she went to doctors with servere pain in rib area, it was xrayed but no fracture. The doctor put her on 100mg fetanyl patch and higher does of percocets, i think 70 mg. I have not called hospice yet but doctor has encouraged me to. A couple questions, what do you think the rib pain is? My mom has nausea, is this normal for lung cancer? I am caring for my mom by myself, no family in the area. I just dont know what to do. She has also become incontinent at times.

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A few months ago, my mom started complaining about pain in her ribs. They thought it was a pulled muscle at first, but a bone scan revealed that the cancer had spread to her ribs. It is not uncommon place for mets. You might ask for a bone scan. They X-rayed mom too and the mets only showed up on the scan.

You may want to consider pallitive treatment. They should be able to reduce the pain. Hospice can perhaps advise you on the best ways to keep your mother comfortable. I think a lot of us think hospice is only called when death is imminent, but its true purpose is to help cancer patients live their final months more comfortably.


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