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Hi All,

Just curious as to know if anyone has heard of Zeolite and if anyone has taken it as a supplemnet to help in the fight against cancer? Zeolite which they say is a supplement of volcanic rock/ash they claim that is has cancer fighting abilities. Please let me know if any of you have heard of it and I would be interested in opinions. Also, I read broccoli sprout supplement can help in the fight as well, of course I am not making any claims since I have just read things here and there but Memorial-Sloane Kettering has something on there website which is a cancer hospital and they have something on there with the sprouts, maybe a clinical trial. Trying to cling on to whatever I can but want to be smart about it, I would never want to put my mother in danger with these.



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On the Front INDEX page you will see all the different forums we have.

You might want to click onto.


If you wish to share any alternatives to traditional treatment for LC, please share it here. NO ADVERTISEMENTS PLEASE

You might find some helpful information in that forum.

Good luck.

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Please check with your doc before taking any kind of supplements. Some of them may have something in it that is counter-productive to chemo. For instance, I was told absolutely no about some new vitamin that came out on the market that is supposed to help with cancer because there is grapefruit in it. Please also remember that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. A friend of mine greatly advocated Mona-Vie - thats its supposed to fight cancer. I asked Dr. West over on Grace and he said there is NO evidence that it helps, and once again can have something in it that can be counteract with the chemo.

Good luck!!!!

Patti B.

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