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Tennessee has done it again! :(


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Approval denied to recognize November as Lung Cancer Awareness Month. :(

I want to cry!!

I am really distraught about this. The reason given was because of the number of proclamations they receive and the process they use to determine approval. I don't understand.

I am starting a petition in our state and hoping to get 1000 signatures by the end of the month.

Here is the petition...please give me feedback!!

This is a request for Governor Bredeson and the Director of Community Affairs of the State of Tennessee to proclaim November as Lung Cancer Awareness Month. The initial approval was denied due to the number of proclamation request received. However, lung cancer kills more people than breast, prostate, colon, liver, kidney, and melanoma cancers combined making it the nation's #1 cancer killer. With Tennessee ranking fourth in national lung cancer mortality rates, it is time this disease becomes a priority in our state. This is an important first step in increasing awareness of lung cancer and showing support for those dealing with the disease. Please sign our petition in support of making November Lung Cancer Awareness Month in the State of Tennessee.

I want to have this finished by tomorrow to begin signatures on Tuesday...

Thanks friends!


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Jamie I am so sorry. You work so hard but nobody said this would be easy!

I really wish you would tell your story to Oprah and with others from this board ( please tell your story) we may have one more avenue for National attention. I sent my story to her at her web site, Connie B said she did also. We are real people , not just statistics.

Remind Oprah that Novemeber is lung cancer awareness month. She had a show this month for Breast cancer. Lung cancer is estimated to kill 90,810 men this year, and to kill 71, 030 women . ( breast cancer to kill 40,460 women)


Donna G

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Jaime, I can forward your petition to a friend in Memphis, from my Ole Miss days, and ask her to also forward it around. She's a pharmacist so she's got more than the average person's understanding of mediciine and this disease. I'm sure she'd love to help. Let me know how to do it and I would love to do whatever small part I can to help you. I'm sorry that all your hard work feels like it is going nowhere in TN.

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