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Aching for some good news and it never seems to come

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All I want is one piece of good news and all the news we get is bad. Dad went back into the hospital yesterday morning (after being home for only 9 days) dehydrated, low blood counts, seriously disoriented and when they checked his blood, his cardiac enzymes were elevated. Well, it turns out that he's had a heart attack within the last week. They've given him 3 units of blood within the past 24 hours. And to top it off he has a pressure sore on his heel and is on IV antibiotics. Mom is having a conversation with the oncologist tomorrow to see if continuing chemo is even an option. If it's not she has agreed that she will call in hospice. I'm just so sad. I want to crawl into bed and not get out, but I know that right now it's not an option. My parents and my family need me. My husband has been so completely supportive although I know this is bringing back some terrible memories for him (he lost his dad 10 years ago after a long, drawn out illness). I just want my dad back the way he was.

Thanks for letting me vent.


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Hi Cheryl. I understand well what it is like to ache for good news when there just doesn't seem to be any. And it is so hard. But you are right, hiding under the covers is only an allowed strategy for brief periods (and I have used it myself, it is just sometimes necessary). After that we have to get on out and face the days challenges head on. Lots of positive thoughts and energy for you and your dear dad. Please take care


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