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My state of mind of late...


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Well, I'm NOT making light of domestic abuse, but my weekend with the neighbors brought a discussion between hubby and I...

I ended up calling 911 Friday night because I kept hearing a man's voice through the bedroom window (this is Michigan, it's CLOSED) yelling and just not sounding "right". Had hubby see what was going on, I already had the phone in hand (this is going on across the street). He says, "Call the cops, he's standing behind the car yelling at her and she can't leave - he's telling her to just hit him."

So, I get the operator online and go through the usual list of questions (name, address, phone number...) and then she asks if there are any weapons...and as the title for this entry states, I'm not up to my full thought processes right now and answer, "I don't think they have guns, they would have shot each other by now."

Then, we hear peeling out down the street and I tell the operator that she has left - she asks if she ran the husband over! (I told her I didn't think so, but couldn't see much because my windows had fogged up.) She asked which way the wife was heading and in what vehicle...and asked me to call if I heard anything more...

As I was hanging up the phone, the cars began arriving - parked in front of my house. She returned and no one was arrested, seems it was just a verbal dispute (they haven't had one in the yard for a few months now). This IS a good thing, that there was no one arrested and they seemed to have "made up"...

But the thing I stressed to my hubby was...if I am EVER "THAT PISSED", he sure as heck better not be stupid enough to stand BEHIND my car and tell me to just hit him! After all, that would be my defense, my husband being my lord and master and all....RIIIIIIIGHT....

...you might be a redneck...

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You reminded me Becky of one of our seasonal associates from last year.

She always had an attendance problem but one day she came in about an hour late. When asked why she was so late she said that she had run her ex husband over several times with her car, he wouldn't stay still, and this had made her late.

We weren't really sure how to take it.. we have heard stranger reasons.. until the police showed up later for her.....

Good news is he was alive and had minor injuries... :?

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Well we are in Michigan after all...

A friend of my sister in laws was fighting with her husband. She left the house got in the car to leave and he comes out yelling at her. He stands on the porch yelling "You come here right now." You guessed it, she put the car in gear and drove right up on the porch (you said to come here):P .

One night it was my mom's turn to stay with my grandfather who was staying with my Aunt in her trailer park. He was dying of cancer and they were all taking shifts caring for him. The couple a trailer or two ver got into it and the husband kept yelling, "Do you hear me?' at the wife. Finally, about the 5th time my mom yells out, "Hell yes she hears ya, the whole damn park hears you." Silence. :P

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Debi, guess that goes to show you that if your PERFORMANCE isn't an issue, you can handle your domestic issues with an F-350....

Ry, Michigan trailer parks...as in trailers for Jerry Springer! "Has your mama been stealing your boyfriends? Confront her on our show..." ...and all those women flashing their headlights on TV for plastic beads - PUH-LEEZ! ...and the ones that strip down to their underwear to show off what "he wants" and they couldn't even put on CLEAN ones.... I digress...

Can't wait to move due to noise, but the entertainment factor is about a 3 on the Jerry Springer scale...(1-10)

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Becky, the Springer show has actually added identifying traits to checklist used to determine the 'redneck' factor... for example, if you ever say the phrase "my babies father..." in a sentence...as in "I want to get with my boyfriend, but 'my babies father' keeps showin' up." You might be a redneck, or just trash... LOL. Take car...I mean CARE Deb

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