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Joel/ chemo


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Hi all my freinds,

I deciided to put this in the good news forum. We still don't know the results of the cyberknife. Joel has a CT in a couple of weeks and then in Feb a Pet/CT scam to see if it did its job.

Meanwhile, there is no need for chemo at this time. So this will be a great holiday season compared to years past.

We also raised over $5000.00 this year in donations for our walk we had on Sat. What a georgeous day. We know Heather was smiling down from heaven.

They have offically name our walk the Heather Saler South Jersey walk. We gave Lungevit a check for $75,000.00 so far but we don't have the final tally yet for the walk.

I will post more in the LC Events site when I get a chance.

Maryanne :wink:

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Hi Maryanne. Yes I think it is absolutely good news that there will be no chemo involved over the holiday season. And good news as well about the success of your recent walk. I am sure there are many survivors smiling down at you. Continued best wishes to you and Joel


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Maryanne....good news for Joel...so enjoy the holiday's.....IT 's gonna be better news when Feb comes around and he get's the great results ...so relax enjoy and one day at a time my friend...

Congratulations on the walk and yes I'm sure Heather was smiling down from Heaven...sigh

Take care and Hey to Joel


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