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Getting to Know You - Wednesday, November 12


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Recently, I have been doing more online shopping. I have always been a "hands on" shopper but am finding things harder and harder to find around here, especially with more stores closing. My online shopping really started when I was looking for a certain drum for our little Jude. I found a new one on Amazon for a great price. Since then, I have been buying quite a few things for the little ones online. I did like shopping on Ebay but my last two purchases on Ebay have been disasters, so I don't think I'll be shopping there for a while.

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I do a lot of shopping on Amazon-- the prices are great and if you order over $25.00 the shipping is free. One year I ordered the kids entire Christmas from there-- from the Barbie dream house to x-box games, it was so nice to have it all brought to the door and all I had to do was wrap. I also buy a lot of stuff from LL Bean. I also send Cheryl's Cookies to friends out of town.


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I do some online shopping. I would do lots more but my husband is very paranoid about it. Thinks we are going to get our identities stolen - like who would want to be me right now :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:

However, I do enjoy the malls at Christmas. Love looking at all the decorations and unfortunately land up buying decorations and such that I really don't need.

Hugs - Patti B.

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