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Sundays Air


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Happy Sunday all.

Off to the hospital for the day. Tom called this morning and said his B/P plummeted again and they can't seem to get it back up. I do consider it a good thing that HE was able to call me himself and tell me. His breathing didn't sound so great though. I shall update later tonight.

Have a great day.


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Denise, since I'm visiting family I have only a very little time on the computer so I didn't realize Tom was hospitalized when you took him to the ER. I'm assuming that's what happened. That may be the best place for him to be right now. They probably stand a better chance of figuring out and fixing his breathing problems if they can observe him 24/7.

It's a bright sunny day her in Port St Lucie. I'm busy refereeing my daughter and grandson on the new Wiii I bought them for Christmas LOL. It's fun seeing them enjoying it so much. Now we have to go to the AT&T store so she can get him the phone I was going to get him for Christmas. I did the Wiii instead because it's for both of them and really because it costs more! That's the price of being Nonie and Pop Pop.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in Key West

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I hope Tom is feeling a little better today Denise.

Judy, would you consider adopting a full grown adult ? I would like a Wii too. LOL Just teasing ya. I bet your daughter and grandchild love it.

Still in the middle of a cold snap here in Yellowknife. Close to -40 windchill again today. I have a couple guy's coming from a plant in Georgia next weekend to install a new piece of equipment. Are they in for a shock !!!!!!!!LOL UPDATE: It is now -43.

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Good afternoon everyone. It was yet another beautiful sunny day in Victoria. And we really have not had our usual share of rain at all this fall. Good weather for putting up Christmas lights outside. I actually got out shopping this afternoon and with a well planned list managed to get gifts for just about all of my out of town parcels. I've got lots of nieces and nephews and all of my family lives elsewhere in Canada. I just finished seeing the majority of them in Mexico though.

Our new puppy, Rocky, made it through the night with flying colors. I slept in the same room as him and we are going to 'crate' train him. I think he only whined once last night (either that or I am a very sound sleeper) and he slept through from about midnight to 8 am or so. I figure that is pretty darn good. For a brand new puppy we are off to a good start.

I will be looking for an update on Tom later Denise. I hope all is going well today but Sunday's can be slow in terms of actually seeing doctors etc. I am sure Monday will be much more productive.

Well a Wii would warm you up Bruce. We have one and I break out into a sweat when I play bowling. It is an awesome family gift Judy. I hope you are playing along as well.

Have a lovely Sunday evening everyone.


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