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Scanxiety reigns supreme


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Kelly is at Pitt getting her PET right now as I type. She was to get the results next Thursday at an appt with her med onc that I am set up to be at. Yesterday, the surgeon that implanted the fiducials, who is at Pitt, called and wanted to see her today after the scan. Ideally, he should be able to access the scan on the computer and tell her what is going on. And I'm not there. I've only not been there once and it drove me nuts. So, suffice it to say, I'M NUTS again. :) It is possible she won't hear the results, this guy is so hard to get into see and she and my b-i-l have an appt for the afternoon about something else and if the surgeon appt will interfere with that, ie take too long to see him, then she may just pass on it and go to her other appt. Cracks me up how she is fine with waiting until next week for the results, yet I really do want them NOW. I just want to be there when she hears them ya know?

UGH, just had to vent a bit. Will let you know when I know anything.

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Looks like I'll still be driving to Pittsburgh for a few hours to go to her appt, since he surgeon was not able to find the radiologist's report in the computer on Friday. He was very very cautious at saying he didn't think there was any change. But without a report that gives numbers and comparisons, I can't really feel too optimistic. It's almost like it would have been better to hear nothing, because now I'm afraid to feel the slightest bit of optimism, ya know?

So, now I guess I'll agonize until Thursday. :)

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cat, I'm with you in thinking waiting is the WORST. When I get scans at my PCP office, the diagnostic center is right next door. Sometimes I get immediate results, sometimes I wait. At MDACC, the longest I've waited is one day although I really put pressure on my oncologist once when she couldn't bring it up on the computer the same day. She actually got up and said she was going over there and get someone to read it--and she did! I felt bad but I think it's criminal that they make people wait.

Hang in there, Judy in Key West

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