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A letter from a friend

Joe B

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I received this letter from a very good friend of mine around 3 weeks after my surgery and diagnosis. He was there b4 surgery when I talked to the surgeon, and he was there with my wife and parents and his wife when I was on the operating table. A wonderful man, who happens to be married to my cousin . In addition, he was best man at my & Gina's wedding.

Golf brought us together----but God has sustained the relationship.

Anyway, if you have ever been in a situation where it was hard for your friends to be friends... but they were there anyways.... then read on.... :)


10/21/03 Good afternoon Joe,

Driving to the office this morning while I was in my devotional mode, I reflected on last evening and all that you have to deal with and specifically how I am dealing with it. It occurred to me that I have not effectively stated my thoughts regarding God and the cancer. I learned that trying to share positive elements of scripture in the midst of such difficult times can come across so inappropriate. Forgive me if I have failed you and Gina in anyway. My ignorance in dealing with this haunts me at times. Here is what I know:

Job says "though he slay me I will trust him." That is a very complete statement. Consider John the Baptist. He knew they were going to kill him. Despair? I'm sure he felt it. Paul was killed, Peter was hanged on a cross upside down, Stephen stoned, Martyrs during the reformation had been burned, beheaded and so many torturous roads to death. The average Christian during the dark ages was killed without much consideration for their life. Can you imagine what it was like to live as a Christian while the Church is executing so many of your brothers and sisters in the Lord. They and the other had tremendous despair. Always wondering if this was the day you would be killed.

In 2nd Cor 12:10 it says "we are to rejoice in our weakness." And I know you know the scripture says "In our weakness he is made strong." I do not believe I know of a place in the scripture where we are to find comfort or happiness in the things of this world. There is a difference between being blessed and happiness or comfort. Our happiness and comfort will only come when we are with Him. So the question for all of us, whether we are going through something as difficult as you are or the typical problems of life, has to be-- despair or trust God? Unfortunately, it is so easy to despair. I am there more often than you can imagine.

I was convicted for quoting Rom 8:28 (my add..."For we know that all things work for the good of those who love God, and are called according to His purpose") to you because the guy I was listening to said that during his difficulty Christians were trying to make it better. He said "if you are not experiencing a traumatic difficulty, then don't quote those positive verses." He went on to say the friends I had that were the most valuable to him were the ones he knew he could say whatever he wanted to and their faith would not falter. I want you to know with all the humility I can muster that I am one of those. Nothing you say or think or do will change the way I think of you or will it change my relationship with God. All were going through will change us forever but not in a way that takes away from our faith in our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

I guess I learned that sometimes it can't be made better with words, it can only be made better as time allows one to get through it and when one learns to lean on and trust God. Fellowship and time. This does not make sense but we cannot lean on our own understanding, we must trust Him. He is righteous, all glory and honor, and power are His and He uses everything for his own purpose. So what is the answer? I don't know, but there is a greater purpose that we must live in and trust him for. Lets look around and see the glory of God manifested in all the people you are touching because of what God has done in you and what He is going to do through you.

I heard Dobson has a book called "When things don't make sense." I heard it was written out of a need to explore what you are experiencing. Another book recommendation, sorry.

I love you pal! Your brother in the Lord.

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It is God's Blessing that he has bestowed you with such a fine friend. God works through us in so many ways and for that I am greatful and thankful. Sometimes we just are not aware that our Lord Jesus Christ is our provider. Thank you for sharing your friend's letter. We are all truly blessed. God is good...

Peace and God Bless


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You truly are blessed to have such a wonderful friend and supporter.

I think most of us have experienced the fear that grips people when a cancer diagnosis is brought up. Some people have such fear of death and mortality that they back away and avoid us. Keith and I have had friends that we thought would be the first to be there for us, all of a sudden become unavailable while others unexpectedly shine through with love and assistance. These people in my opinion are God's angels. They are his gift to us during these difficult times.

God Bless,


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