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Results, but not from ONC


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Hi All,

As some of you are aware I posted in the general forum about how long people had to wait for their scan results. My CT adn PET scans were last Friday, Jan 16. My Onc's office rescheduled my results appointment with her from Jan 19 to Feb 2. After a few calls I got it moved up to Jan 27, thereby decreasing the wait time from 17 to 11 days.

Last Friday I saw my lung doc for a PFT. When I told him how long I had to wait for the results he offered to get them to me by today. He did just that. I only spoke to him for a few minutes at his office and he told me that 1 nodule and 1 node have increased in size and uptake. He said my onc may want more testing. We'll see what she says on Tuesday.

Right now I am kind of confused. Last March they did a biopsy on the largest of the nodes that I developed post surgery. Thankfully it was not malignant by biopsy but they wanted to keep a close eye on it. After remaining stable for about 6 months, in Oct it decreased in size. I was then told for sure it was not malignant.

My new scansnow show this node has increased in size since Oct and of course the CT says "highly suspicoius for recurrence of malignancy". Does anyone have any knowledge if a node that got smaller and then larger could then become malignant? I posted this question for Dr. West.


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Where is the node located? It is my understanding that the lymphatic system is the garbage truck line of the body. Got snot? Your lymph nodes in the area of your sinuses and possibly your throat and chest area may be enlarged, carrying all the nasties away from their source and eventually out...

Enlarged isn't always THE "bad thing". Don't panic, you have not been given permission to panic yet. 8)

Nodes, nodules, lumps and bumps. Can be causes for concern, can be just a normal process. Relax until you are given permission to panic. Really. Why waste the worry when it could be nothing?

Take care,


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Hi Becky,

Thanks for the advice.

A wise friend of mine, who is a breast cancer survivor, told me before my diagnosis not panic until there is something to panic about. I try hard to live by her advice.

The nodule in question is near my surgery site, RLL. We'll see what my onc says on Tuesday.

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I saw my oncologist today. We went over the scans and she is very concerned about the significant growth in a pleural based soft tissue nodule. She would not give me her recommendation today as she wants to present my case to the Karmanos Lung Tumor Board on Thursday. She wants the CT read by a certain radiologist to be sure of the nodule's size and then see what the other board members think the plan should be. I told her I was concerned as it is near my surgery site. She said she was as well.

So it's another wait for me. I am getting better at waiting, but still do not like it. So I am off to dinner with my girlfriends which means lots of laughs and hugs. Just what I need.

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