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Monday's Air


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Well I'm home as well but just for the AM.

I read somewhere that the day for most absenteeism at work is the day after the Superbowl. So far the 3 of us are proving that correct. LOL

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Yep. Good one Lynn.

I think I will go grab a little lunch and a nap before I trek to the doctors office. My new insurance went into effect yesterday. I only have a temporary card that I printed off the internet as they have not given us the new cards yet. I hope I don't have any problems.


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Wish I'd gotton on earlier and seen you ladies were home chatting on the Air LOL. And Bruce, I'm certainly glad you went to work this afternoon. The ladies both sound like they have legitimate excuses but you, on I don't think so. Too much partying?

Hope the doctor gives you a clean bill of health Denise (or not, maybe another day off work in order?) and Lynn, I definitely hope Nick is better. That vomitousness (I cut and pasted it, I wouldn't even try to spell it LOL) is definitely the worse and on that I am not kidding.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in Key West

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Leslie, I have no clue where he was. LOL He went with one of our friends, an inspector that has worked with Larry (and me) for many years. He has a couple of places in Georgia that he leases. One is for "shoot what you want" and one is for trophy buck only. Nick got a nice doe at the "shoot what you want" lease. I'm glad he opted for the doe. The venison is so much more tender and tasty. LOL

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