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Normal side effect

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He got dizzy and passed out for a few brief seconds...Is this a normal side effect of Tarceva?

Although I haven't experienced or heard of that as a side effect of Tarceva, while I was on Taxol I did occasionally get a bit lightheaded and short of breath if I stood up rapidly after being seated, similar to what people with low blood pressure sometimes report. My blood pressure and lung function seemed to be okay at the time, so my onc reasoned that it was probably due to cumulative effects of the chemo. Since your pop-pop is just starting Tarceva, his body is still trying to adjust to the medication, and I imagine lots of unusual effects are possible. But since he's had a recent bout with pneumonia, that could be the cause as well.



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Hi there. When I first started Tarceva I got quite nauseous to begin with. I was taking it in the morning on an empty stomach so that probably didn't help. I used gravol for a few days and that seemed to help and then I didn't need anything at all. What time of day is your dad taking his tarceva? If it is in the morning like me on an empty stomach then that might have been the cause. So I guess you will see what the doctor says on Monday. Take care


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I was only on Tarceva for a short time, and while I never fainted, who knows what individual side effects people can have. Could be also a reaction to the Tarceva with other drugs he is on, if any. Or could he be coming down with the flu that everyone seems to be getting??

Hope the doctor figures it out quickly - please let us know.

Hugs - Patti B.

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