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Wow.....what an intense episode last night! I was glued to the TV for the entire 2 hours. Although a few things were predictable, they just kept on happening so fast. Now, I can't wait for next week to see what happens next. I thought Kitty's words to the baby about it being "just the two of them" was very interesting, especially since she had just seen the press conference announcing that Robert was still running for governor. Makes me wonder if she plans on really leaving him???

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I was "glued" to the tv for two hours also. My predictions are usually wrong, but I think Kitty is planning to leave him if he continues his race for governor. The long, slow recovery may change that, tho. If he's back campaigning in a couple weeks, they should fire the MD consultant - if they have one.

I think Tommy's going to prison and that Rebecca and Justin's relationship will be strained for some time.

Time will tell


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