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Now What?

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About 2 weeks ago my Dad was seen by his FP for hoarsness. He had experienced this for about 2 months. A couple days later he had a CT scan and we were told that he had a large, 8cm mass atop his right lung, a Pancoast Tumor. My DH and I are both nurses with 36 years experience between us. Even we have no idea what we are dealing with. . .

The past two weeks have been terrible for all of us. Dad isn't sleeping and cries a lot. Just 2 years ago my Mother was diagnosed with Breast CA and has done well. Unfortunately, their health insurance was cancelled. . .They have a small nest egg but that is dwindling as we speak. $3,500 this week alone for appointments and his PET scan. This has been an eye opener for us. They make just enough that they don't qualify for Medicaid and not enough to afford private insurance. Of course, no one is bending over backwards to help him.

Today, the Oncs office called my Mother to let her know that the PET scan showed hilar and mediastinal node involvement. That news totally deflated both of them. Please keep them and our entire family in your thoughts and prayers.


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Hi Kristi

So sorry you have a reason to be here. This is a great site and you will receive a great amount of support and information here. I think your Dad's reaction to this news is understandable. It is devastating to hear that news as any members here are well aware of. Most people find that as all the tests are done and a treatment plan is in place, it will get easier. Then you go into fighting mode. Hearing that " C " word automatically bring bad thoughts. If you read through some of the forums here, you will see that there are survivor's of all stages. Do not believe statistics !!!! Everyone one is different. If you have any questions there is a good chance someone here has an answer. we are here to help you anyway we can so please keep posting as you get more information. Take care.

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Oh Kristi. I am so sorry to hear about your dad. And to have financial worries on top of all that just sucks big time. Hopefully there is a way to work through the financial stuff and a treatment plan can be put in place. Everyone is devastated right now and that is understandable. Hopefully it will get better once you find out what the plan is. Please keep us posted on how you and your mom and dad are doing. And come here with any questions or as a place to vent whenever you like. You will find this site full of kind knowledgable people, unfortunately all fighting this nasty disease. Take care


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Welcome to the site altho I sure am sad you found the need to be here. This site is full of great folks with lots of support and information.

Hopefully, someone will come along with some ideas for you regarding insurance and such. What state do you live in?? The health care system in this country sure does leave a lot to be desired.

As Bruce said, once your dad has a treatment plan in place, it really does get a little easier. At least then you know you are fighting this d@mn monster.

Please keep us posted on how your dad, and your whole family are doing. Please feel free to ask any question, or just come here to vent. Believe me, we will listen.

Hugs - Patti B.

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Kristi - I am so sorry to hear about your dad. My heart aches for you all that you must also add the financial burden on top of the diagnosis. As others have said there is always hope and this is a great bunch of people to prop you up when you need it. Please keep us posted...we are here when ever you need us.


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