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Need last episode of ER...


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Sorry I have this in the General area as I know it is view more than perhaps Just for fun.. so if you have to move it go ahead.

I am looking for anyone who happens to have the last episode of ER as I had mine on tape and I accidently taped over it. :shock:

Joel doen't even know it yet. :shock:

Please if you have it please IM me and I will either view it or tape it and send it back..

As you see Iam desparate. We watched the whole 18 years and never missed an episode. And now the last ones... :roll:


Maryanne :cry:

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Thanks, I know I could find it on the itnernet, but I was looking for one that we could view on our big TV and not both of us looking at a small computer screen.

No biggie, if that is what we have to do so be it.


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