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I know we all have differant faiths and beliefs so this is not meant as a who is right and who is wrong post. I know many of us believe in a afterlife and some dont. I was just curious what your idea of heaven would be like. For some it may be floating around on a cloud with wings or for someone else it might be living next to the Hershy choclate factory. Altho I dont know anything about art and dont know a masterpiece from a paint the numbers. Each year my wife gets a new calendar and each month has a painting by Thomas Kincade. I seen one that just captivated me. It was so beautiful with various colors and scenery. I thought I wonder if that is what heaven could be like. Anyway it was just a thought I had and wondered if you had any thoughts of your own.

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Mike, I'll bite on your question.

Let me preface my answer by saying this: I believe that Heaven is so glorious that our paltry human imaginations (as vivid as they can be at times) cannot grasp the reality of what it will look like.

Having said that, I think, since we are made in God's image, that earth might also resemble Heaven to a small degree. The landscape will be breathtaking. Think of all the most beautiful scenery you have ever seen and multiply that by, oh, I don't know, at least 100,000. That will be Heaven's landscape. And there will be many mansions there. They are prepared for us. Some people think that there are no animals in Heaven. I disagree. I think all God's creations will be there. But all will be in perfect harmony. Lions will lie down with lambs, etc.

I could go on and on, but I think I will stop here.

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Nice to think about. My thought is that I'll get to meet up with the family and friends I've lost and play guitar with all of my idols and we'll never break strings and our hands won't get sore and it'll just be easy going and mellow. Just heavenly.

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I have thought alot about this in the last few years - :wink:

I also think that heaven is beyond our comprehension - like nothing we know here on earth - but I also believe those I have loved and lost will be there to greet me - and that i will be filled with peace and joy and love.

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