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Tuesday's Air


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By special request of the lady who monitors this forum!

Afternoon all. If you haven't read my "Not Good News," as my husband says, "she took the tests and failed." Oh well, can't win them all. I am definitely not down but up in fighting mode. Been through it before. I thought it would flatten me if/when the cancer came back but not yet. I'll let you all know if/when the crash comes.

We're headed to Port St Lucie tomorrow and then back up for my infusion on Monday. I would just as soon have started today but there are shots to take and meds to take before the infusion so we wait and play. After that we'll go home and spend a couple of weeks packing up for what will probably be most of the summer. The plan is to do the every three week ifusions traveling by car from wherever I happend to be planted LOL. Most often it will be in Port St Lucie near Wendy and Dominick. Wendy has a SO in her life now but as soon as she heard the news last night, she was up and driving 2 hrs here to go to the oncologist's visit with us. She's a good girl. My son David called and asked his dad if mom cried. Sweet.

Have a great day what's left of it. And for those of you who imbibe, it's almost wine time. That is 4 pm isn't it?

Judy in Key West

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Although I'm posting this on Wednesday, I have to thank Judy for posting yesterday, per my request. I know Judy has those boxing gloves on and is ready to give this monster a big double punch!!! Pow ....Pow

I know that everyone on the MB will be there to support and encourage her and here, at this forum, we'll be here to make her laugh!!!

So....I think we all need to come up with a joke a day to post here just to make Judy laugh her way through this!!!!

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