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I guess it never goes away

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My Dad passed in March 2005. There are still times that I have a ""crying day." Today is one of them. It seems that if there is something else going on in my life, it magnifies my grief. My oldest daughter has to see a GI dr. tomorrow. She very likely has Crohn's disease. This is devastating to me as I have seen the effects of Crohn's on my ex. (Her dad) How I wish my Dad could be here for me during this!! :cry: This same daughter will graduate high school next year with an almost perfect 4.0 GPA. My sweet Dad will not get to be there to share this with her. :cry: She is going to do something GREAT with her life. I just know it.(She is much smarter than her mother and she is blonde at that. :wink: ) I wish he could see how her life is going to turn out. Then there is my youngest......going to be in 7th grade next year. The three of us miss him so bad!! Sometimes the pain is just as bad as it was when he first passed!! Is that even normal after so long??????

To make matters worse, I have been reading some older posts. My oh my how I miss seeing some of my old on-line friends!!! Dean Carl, Mr. Ry(John), Frank, Cindy oh, betplace.............Such great people who had to leave this world MUCH too early!!!

Just having a really bad day I guess.

In my thoughts and prayers~~~


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Your dad can see you and your girls, and I am sure he would tell you that you have done a wonderful job raising them. Take the time to quiet the ghosts in your mind, relax and have a glass of wine before you go to bed and welcome him into your dreams.

I miss all of the people you listed, along with FayA and quite a few others. I am glad that any time I start to think about them, I can go back and read their posts and feel their presence. It helps that they left a piece of themselves behind for the rest of us to see, they are not faceless statistics, they are loved warriors who battled with all they had.

Be kind to yourself, remember to breathe. First and foremost, remember to breathe.



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