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Let's try something new!


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O.k., I'm just sitting here riding and riding and riding forever. I had an idea awhile ago and this is as good a time as any to try it. The boards are slow. I guess all our winter folk are busy outside enjoying some warm weather and sunshine.

I remember when I first started visiting LCSC. I felt very intimidated and I'm no shrinking violet! But everyone seemed to know each other and I didn't really know how to start getting in. I introduced myself and people where nice but someone (I wish I could remember who) had to have extended themself in some significant way. Now here I am a member of a wonderful family of friends who know what I'm going through. Someone is always there sooner or later with a post to extend a helpful or comforting or just friendly hand.

So, if you are a guest or lurker and would like to find a way "in," I will be on the message page for the next 15 minutes. Just reply here or pm me--click my profile and the window where you pm me will come up. Stop by and say hi.

Judy in Key West

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It's 1 pm my time. 11 am, I think GMT time. I stayed on twenty-six minutes instead of 15 but have to move around now. I'll do this again though. I'm sure Randy will teach me how to "bump." I remember when I first started, I thought what in the heck is a "bump." If I got it straight, it's a way of moving a post back into a current message board window to give people a new look at it.

Have a great day and hope we'll "talk" sometime.

Judy in Key West

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If you scroll to the top of this thread you'll see your first message, posted 6/26 at 6:34 am Hawaii time. When you didn't get any response you posted a second message 29 minutes later. That second message moved the thread back to the top of the JUST FOR FUN forum and also made a fresh entry for anyone using the "View posts since last visit" feature, so that second message would be considered a "Bump" or "TTT" or whatever-you-want-to-call-it post. Basically, any time you post a message for the sole purpose of bringing the thread back to the top so it has a better chance of being noticed, it's a bump message. Since you don't have anything better to say, you can type "Bump" or "TTT" or whatever in the message window, but in reality you can type anything you want — anything that's wholesome and legal, that is...


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