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Getting to Know You - Wednesday - July 8


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If you could return, for one year, to any age in your life, knowing what you know now, to relive that year as you wish, what year would you go back to?

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I would definitely go back and relive 2001. Dennis was diagnosed in February, 2002 and those 10 months of 2002 were really tough ones. I would go back to 2001, before cancer was a part of our lives and do absolutely everything that we had ever talked about doing. Having the money to always do what we wanted to do was always an issue but if I could relive that year.....I would find the money....beg....borrow or steal.

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I've got the same rationale as Randy. I'd go to 1999. The year I married Keith. It was the most amazing year of my life, and the only thing I'd change is that I'd start having Keith checked for lung cancer immediately so that it would have been caught at stage 1, removed and he'd still be here.

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