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Friday's Air


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Morning All. It's not even seven and I'm almost done my second cup of tea. Went to bed before nine. Can't figure that I get so wiped just hanging around trying to get back in my coach at 5 pm. I realized while I was in NJ that I don't do well anymore if I have to be up all day without an opportunity to stretch out and rest occasionally through the day. I did much better in Key West when I did that. It's the only way I can function or do anything in the late afternoon or evening. Also, Stan and I are starting again with the burning eyes. Mine are swelling at night now and were crusty this morning. It all started again as we came south. Must be something blooming in Florida.

We may take a drive to Oviedo to my son's today to pick up some mail we had forwarded. It seem a little dumb because he'll probably get another one today or tomorrow. But I think this batch is at least three weeks old so we can get a start on it. They send it in batches and this one should be a doosey.

To be honest, we're looking for something to do besides sitting around in the Club.

Hope you all have a great day and we get our RV done real soon. It's too much to hope for today but maybe tomorrow?

Ann and all you TGIF folk--it's FRIDAY.

Judy in Seffner FL

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Good Morning Judy - That second cup of tea must of somehow generated two Friday airs or maybe it is just because it is Friday? lol Well it is barely approaching 500am here and I am up and about :x I have to work a bit earlier this morning than normal and I hate that. We are out of coffee this morning to. TGIF although I dont get a day off til next Friday I have been working way to much so I can have extra spending money for my trip. I leave on the 1st of August. My parents are having a hard time accepting that I am going so I actually have not talked to them for a few days and might not be able to til I return. I just cant handle the quilt and watching them be upset (not at me just at the situation). So it will be REALLY hot here these next couple days will be hitting 104 degrees this weekend according to the news.

On my trip to Alabama I am planning on meeting fillse (susan) turns out she only lives like 5 miles from the town I am going to. So that will be exciting.

Anyways I hope everyone has a great day!



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Yep, Heidi, I think that second cup of tea is making our Judy do things twice as good...lol!

Judy....Sorry your eyes are bothering you again. Mine were going crazy when it was so dry here but since we've been hanging out with Noah and the animals and getting rain everyday, my eyes have been fine. I do know that my Jasmine has been blooming like crazy. I stepped outside last night to let the dogs out and I could see the white blooms in total darkness.

Heidi....I'm so excited that you are going to meet Susan in Alabama. I think it's great when we can actually meet people we already know so well...just through their words. Hope you gals have a great time! Be sure and take some pictures top share with us.

Well, as you all know, it's my favorite day of the week. I absolutely didn't want to get out of bed this morning. Nothing much new to report from here today but if anything develops, I'll jump right in and share with you guys!!!

Happy Friday in everyone's little corner of the world!!!


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Hi everyone.nice hot day here in Nebraska. I breath so much better in summer months, I wish I could afford to live in Arizona during the winter.I seen the darnest thing last night,my small dog usually holds his own againt stray cats but last night two of them ganged up against him at the same time. He sure got surprized. No more handouts to stray cats from me. Im not a cat lover anyway. Have a nice weekend everyone.

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I did not know what you people were talking about so I went back and looked--yes, two Friday airs. If you notice tho, they were both the same. I do remember now that when I hit send, I got that weird message that I've gotten a couple of times before. It says something about not being able to post again so soon after last post--but there wasn't any recent "last" post but I went back after a couple of minutes and hit send again.

Heidi, I'm so happy for you to be meeting your new family AND Susan. What a treat. I met three members last year and it's the best. So far this year, no luck but Ann, the year isn't over yet.

Mike how humiliating for your little doggie. I wouldn't feed those little buggers anymore either. And my sister lives in Arizona full-time. She has never complained about the heat until this year. Me--I love the humid. It's a little crazy I know.

Have a great rest of the day everyone. By the time happy hour is over, I'll be out flat not having been able to stretch out and really rest all day.

Judy still at Lazy Days in Seffner, FL

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