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Our Friend MaryAnn (mhutch1366)

Connie B

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Hello Friends,

I recieved a PM today from our friend MaryAnn (mhutch1366).


Here it is:

From: mhutch1366

To: Connie B

Posted: Wed Aug 12, 2009 9:00 am

Subject: MaryAnn

Hi Connie,

Could you please let Kasey andd ginnyde andd Rochelle and all that I have been medically retired as of May, and without computer access.

Other than the loss of the use of my left hand for typing etc and the inevitable march of time and fibrosis, I am ok.

I haven't disappeared, but I won't be able to participate or otherwise stay informed.

Miss you and love you all,



If you wish to reach her by phone or mailing address, please feel free to contact me by PM. I just didn't want to post that information on the board here.

Hugs to All,


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Oh dear, Connie. I will, for sure, contact her. You know she and Donna are my two angels who literally saved me. I know she had issues she struggled with. You know we met many times when I have gone to NIH. Had some dinner and drinks several times too. This is unfortunate about the loss of use of her left hand. Any more info on that?

MaryAnn is just one wondrful person. She sat with me when I was in the hospital and taught me many of the ropes I would have to learn. Thoughts and prayers are being sent her way.


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Thank you Connie for the update. I was wondering why she has not posted. I miss that driving dog avitar she used.

I am so sorry to hear about her health issues and will keep her in my prayers.

She was another oldie who inspired so many people on here. And saving our Kasey's life if priceless to say the least.

Miss you MaryAnn!


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