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No More Scans


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Hey All,

I was just wondering has anybody just said "No more scans"? I'm about to that point. I am just totally and completely sick of all this "cancer" crap. It does nothing but get me all upset. I truely believe my cancer is gone and even if it were to come back I am really not at all sure if I would go through all the chemo again. Just wondering!


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I can see myself refusing further chemo at some point, but I would still like to have the scans to get a better idea of what's going on inside. If I'm getting strange pains that scans indicate are NOT from cancer, that opens up a range of possibilities which might be effectively treated. Anyway, I really like the people at my hospital's imaging center.


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Hey Dana,

Well then, I guess we here at LCSC aren't doing our job as to giving you the support you need! :wink: Maybe you could help us to help you by sharing with us what we could do to get you through this journey. The same journey none of us want's to be on. :roll::wink:

Maybe the Lung Cancer Board is what's pulling you down. I know I have had times as have many members here, had to take a break away for the lung cancer boards just to regroup. Sometimes these boards can pull us down and we don't even know it. Maybe your really not ready for a lung cancer board. I know many people who feel that way, and they feel that way about In Person LC Support Groups. I get that. Maybe it's as simple as taking a break away from the Boards. It isn't just the scans that remind you of your lung cancer. Maybe it's food for thought.

Why would you be so quick to give up the fight when your ahead of the fight and the game? Which I think is so great that you are, because so many others aren't. You still have a lot of living to do!! :D I wouldn't want anyone to follow in my footsteps when it comes to lung cancer, heart problems, etc., but I never thought of giving up and throwing in the towel because of a scan. Or, are you just having a crappy day?

You need some positive going on here and you need to TRY and stop the negative and doom and gloom. I know it pops up now and then. :roll: I know how that destorys us. I know because I did it the first 2 years of my journey and holy cow what a waste of life and time that was. And I hate to see others go down that path. It's such a waste and I want to save the world when I see a person doing that.

If, and I mean "IF" your cancer should come back, 25 years from now, who knows what they will have to offer for treatments. We have to learn to live ONE DAY AT A TIME! And when doing that, we also have to learn how to ENJOY LIFE AGAIN! And I'm here to tell you, we CAN ENJOY LIFE AGAIN! And so can YOU!

What do you do for excitment? What makes you feel good? Have you done anything lately that mades you feel warm & fuzzy inside? Have you ever heard of Look Good Feel Good through ACS. Do you spend time with family or friends? If so, what do you do for fun? TRY and make each day a joyful one. Do things that put a smile on your face. Get away from Lung Cancer Boards if that's what helps. You can always come back when you feel ready.

As for the scans, put a smile on your face when you go in and when they say "take a deep breath in".... Right at that time, SMILE! But hold your breath until they say BREATHE!!! 8):D It's always nice to smile for pictures. :D Make it a fun moment, kid with the techs. When worried about scan time, then be worried, but don't think about stopping your scans. :( You don't really want to do that do you? I hope not, your life is important and you need to know that. :wink:

You give so much to others and your so upbeat for everyone, make sure you treat yourself the same way. :wink:

Your "NED" today and that's a GOOD THING! :wink: Life is GOOD and today so are YOU!

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Ned and Connie,

I appreciate your input. As you know I'm fairly new to this cancer thing, a year and 4 months.

I always get stressed before scans, which I understand is normal. That has even gotten better. What really messed me up was my appt. with my ONC. I was a pretty happy camper clean scans once again, I'm finally starting to believe that my cancer is really gone. Then my ONC talks about PCI, it just shattered me.

So I am feeling very negative about cancer, but doctor's and all their constant tests in particular. I like feeling normal and not thinking about my possible cancer everyday. So I'm thinking maybe the best way to do that is to stay away from all the freaking doctor's!

This site and people on this site don't bring me down they uplift me!


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