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Bud Baker

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After a trip to Wichita Falls Friday and Saturday, to ride in the Hotter 'N Hell Hundred (along with 12,000 of my closest friends), I will spend the next week moving into a new house (my wife and I are empty nesters, downsizing), so I probably won't be online much.

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Hey bud, give me a ring if you guys need anything. Also, shoot me your new contact info when you get the chance!!

Have a wonderful time at the H-n-H!! I'm still trying to get the news out there to cover it. I guess I still have another day to try!!

Give Rose a Hug for me.

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Never mind...

I'm still going to be in Wichita Falls the next two days for the ride, but my closing has been postponed, so next week will be business as usual.

I've hardly posted this week, I've been so busy, first with trying to get everything ready for the move, then canceling everything I'd done.

I'm still hoping to move before Rose's 4th round of chemo. She's not going to be a happy camper if I have her moving when she feels bad.

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Give me a call if you want some help--well, not actually moving, hehe, but I can bring food or keep Rose company while yall move...heck, I might can even move a few boxes if they're under 20 lbs...

or be with Rose during her chemo while you take care of the business of moving, etc...just let me know. I can make myself available between 9-1:30 weekdays (got to pick Kennedy up at 2:15)

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Awwww, thanks Katie. Rose's sister lives nearby and has been so much help, taking Rose to chemo and sitting with her.

I'm hiring a moving crew for the heavy stuff, and taking an entire week off to move the rest myself, so I can take my time, and Rose won't have to do any more than she feels like doing.

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