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Yes my husband had it. Read his profile below.

It is an incredible treatment. When the LC returned for the 3rd time they had this wonderful treatment cyberknife, which prevented him from being cut. I had been reading about it for 4 years but at the time it was not FDA approved. When he was diagnoised last time and the tumor grew, that same day there was an article in our local newpaper.... it read.... CYBERKNIFE COMES TO SOUTH JERSEY! This time it fianlly was FDA approved and Insurance paid for it all. Joel was one of their first patients.

It was an experience for him that he will never forget as it was simple and he had NO side effects! Work like a charm and blew that tumor to smitherines!

Good luck and don't worry you will be fine. You are so lucky to be able to have it.

He has been LC free for 9 months in may...now hopefully a year as his next scan is coming up next month. The 9 months was the longest he has gone without it returning. Of course we are praying he is still NED (no evidence of disease)

Maryanne :wink:

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will be doing this too--she had lung cancer after me some years ago.--but some of her nodes were positive. She also had chemo radiation

Well we were watching this enlarged nodule for 2 years (it did not grow) and finally last week had a biopsy and sad to say it was cancer.

So I think in the next few weeks she will be doing this too (her breathing is not good enough for another surgery)

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