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Morning All! Got a few minutes before the holiday celebration we are invited to today starts. I'm very conscious though that in doing so I'm missing the early morning bird feeding!

I felt as good as I've felt in a long time yesterday. I even went to the mall and walked my legs off for almost two and a half hours. I'm not much of a mall girl but admit I really enjoyed it--bargains are the reason ladies. But the great thing was at one point I had to tell myself to slow down walking. There was no rush. That's my "old normal" style. My kids used to always be lagging even when they were grown, always telling me to slow down. I even called my daughter from the mall to tell her.

We are so enjoying the fresh vegetables from the roadside stands here in NJ. I don't know how I'll get used to store-bought again. NJ tomatoes are awesome!

I was reading from a thread about Alimta yesterday. Ned was commenting on the quirky side-effects of that chemo. I've been thinking for awhile that I need to do a post on them. It's just bizarre. None of them that I get are earth-shaking (yet) but cumulatively and sequentially it gets real old.

Well, I'm off to have breakfast and watch the birds while I eat. Then it's outside to my Total Gym before getting ready for an early picnic. Most of you are probably celebrating tomorrow but have a great holiday weekend whenever you celebrate.

Judy in Pittsgrove NJ

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Have a great time Judy! Now you have me thinking of a BBQ and potato salad :D But, I would end up eating it all myself. Hubby only eats "soft foods" these days although I don't understand why.....must be mental? hummmmm I wonder if they have baby back ribs on sale today.

Have a wonderful holiday all! And think of me while you're eating all that good stuff. Randy....what are you cooking?

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