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2nd ultrasound of jugular


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As some of you might remember, hubby's ct scan from July suggested a thrombosis of the jugular vein. We were sent for an ultra sound and report said it was nothing but plaque. Well, as it turns out it was not the "correct type of ultrasound" so we got a phone call this morning to come in for another one. I took hubby (which was soooo difficult physically) and we were told that when the test is completed.....we cannot leave". We were supposed to wait until they called the doctor and then would give us further instructions. WHAT???? Well, we did as we were told and the tech guy or whatever he was came back and said it was okay to go home, but please go directly home because the doctor would be calling us. THAT MY FRIENDS was over 3 hours ago.....here we sit...waiting....for a phone call?

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The PCP called and said that the "tech" that took the ultrasound told him he wasn't sure if there was a clot or not. Said he will wait and talk to the person who actually reads the reports (some doc) tomorrow, but in the meantime is calling in another prescription for coumadin. HUH? I already have a full bottle that the oncologist told me to stop because prior ultrasound said "no clot". ughhhh I guess we'll just wait till the onc doc calls back.....if ever?

I hate having two docs who don't communicate. Truthfully, I rely more on the onc doc than anything because he's the specialist, right?

I'll let ya know what happens. In the meantime, there's a cold bottle of wine in the frig and hubby is set for the night.....wanna join me?

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My wife is having this problem, too; her onc doesn't seem to communicate well with her surgeon. One of the things I like about my VA treatment is that everything is on the VA computer system. No matter what doctor I see, he can look at every scan and see every other doctor's comments.

Have you found out anything more yet?

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While hubby was in the hospital this week I happened to pass the PCP in the hallway so I asked if he got the ultrasound report back of the jugular. He said no he hadn't but will call when he does. So, "naturally knowing me", right....I went over there and got the report myself!!!!!!! 8) <------cool michelle?

Anyway, the report stated chronic clot, very small and the oncologist told me that anyone of his age would have this kind of clot so no need to worry just keep him on a low dose of blood thinners. He also got REALLY MAD at me for picking up the report because of course I didn't understand the medical stuff and started to panic yet again. He said to me....now Miss Michelle, please promise me you will stop playing doctor! LOL

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