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Thursday's Air


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Morning All! The temp on my laptop said it was 84 degrees at 9 am. It's already gone up two in less than a half hour. We broke a record yesterday with our 91 degree high on that date in Oct. Looks beautiful though looking out from the air conditioned room. Maybe I don't have to go out at all today. Stan already got my newspaper for me lol.

I really overdid big time Tuesday, the day of my infusion. When I heard myself telling someone all that I'd done, I thought, are you nuts Judy? Well steriods can do that to you if you are not careful. Consequently yesterday sucked because I wore myself out the day before and didn't get a good night's sleep to boot. Better already today. Didn't get up until 8 am--yeah.

I'm am a little sad and tense coming onboard this morning. It soulds like Michelle is in a bad place. Hope she comes in soon and lets us help. I added my two sense to the thread encouraging her to keep sharing. I do believe it helps even though we are powerless to change what's happening.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in Key West

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It's kind of strange weather here in North Texas today. Yesterday, it was cool and cloudy behind a cold front, never even reaching 70 degrees in the afternoon. But, during the night, the cold front backed up and it was almost 80 degrees when I got up this morning. They're calling for heavy rain this evening. Glad I got in a 25 mile ride after work yesterday; today isn't looking too promising for riding.

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Well Judy our temperatures have gone the other way. We had snow here yesterday. October 7th !!!!! Hopefully it doesn't stay around this early but who know's.

Going to the farm tomorrow for the Thanksgiving weekend. Took today off work as well to get everything picked up and trailer loaded.

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It's hot...hot....hot here on central Florida's Space Coast!!! I think an egg would fry on the hood of my car faster than it would on my electric stove...lol!! I love the fall and this heat wave we're having is really ticking me off, as I'm looking forward to some nice, cool temperatures. Hey, how can we have frost on the pumpkins if this keeps up???

Nothing much here to talk about except for this heat wave, so I'll let someone else "Air" now.


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The storms are coming in later than they expected this evening, so I didn't let a 30 mph south wind stop me from getting in a 25 mile ride after work. Let it flood, now. :D

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