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Not sure if this is the right subject area, but it's the closest I could figure. My sister asked me to find out if there are "legitimate" discount drug sites that might be helpful to our Mom, who is on (among other things) abilify, which is running her $500 per month (in the middle of the Medicare donut). Any ideas? Thanks!--Neil

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Have some ideas here Gonna throw them out and see what Sticks and what Falls!!!


and Ya might find something really good in here!! Look at Dadstimon post in this thread about 3 or 4 down the list!!!

http://lungevity.org/l_community/viewto ... ht=#394063

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Don't know about abilify but some drug companies offer help with the cost of chemos. In those cases, the doctor has to initiate the request. But you can go online to the company who makes abilify and see if they have such a program. If so, you can download the required forms and give them to her doctor with the request that he/she file them for your Mom.

Judy in Key West

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