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Morning All! Beautiful sunshiney day in Key West. I am so glad Randy and Lily reminded us of Lung Cancer Awareness month. I'm afraid I won't do anything locally again this year. I was reluctant to call the paper since I knew I was going to be away for at least a week beginning tomorrow. I'm on my way to Orlando for scans, onc appmt and visit with kid/grandkid.

I am very thankful I had such a good day yesterday. Not expected on day six so will see what today brings. I was able to help my husband with packing, did laundry etc. Now I need to get in the office and see what needs to be done before I leave. That's the job I hate the most!

I will see if Jim's pic is off-site and mine is back on. Fantasy Fest is over. I wish I could get a decent more recent pic of me, but so far I'm stuck with this one that's over a year old.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in Key West

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Oh Judy I think your picture is lovely. You look so young I am jealous :!:

We are to have another beautiful day here in Northern California, sunshine and highs in the 70s.

As I said in response to Randy's post on LC awareness it is my intent to honor someone we lost each morning on my Facebook status. This morning it is Dean Carl. I hope others will continure to do the same thing.

Each of us reach many people through that avenue and a good strong reminder will go out to many if we all do it daily.

As Judy and Randy have already seen I also posted a special memory of Dean Carl in our General forum. I hope too that many others will do the same in remembrance of someone from the board that we have lost.

So have a great day everyone and keep all those we love both here and those who have gone on always in your hearts and memories.

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I am sitting here with tears in my eyes. Sometimes even we need a reminder of why we do this. I can think of none better.

For some reason we were all chosen to walk this walk in one way or another. No matter the reason it has given each of us a purpose. I only pray that through our own experience and our purpose we can one day prevent anyone else from having to travel the road that we have.

Again Randy God Bless you as I said before, you seem to always know what we need.

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