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In memory of Fay A she gave until the end


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Fay stayed on this board until she was so weak and ill that she just couldn't do any more. Even at her death she never forgot how much this specail place meant to her. The quote is her last post.

She was always there to help and she never let them put anything over on her either. She always told it like it was. To Fay, may she be resting in peace.

This is the last update by me. Two nights ago I had 1.25 liters of fluid removed but it is building up again. My family will keep you posted and keep on doing the things you do to help each other. Love Fay.

Fay left us on the last day of February 2006

When her son posted here he wrote that she had requested that in lieu of flowers donations be made to this site.

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This post shows Fay's attitude and spirit and also her courage and determination to win this fight and She ultimately did!!!! Her signature included reflects this also!!

Wed Aug 13, 2003 8:51 pm Post subject: I AM beating it..... Reply with quote

Every day that I don't allow this to stop me from finding joy I beat this beast at it's own game. Every day that I find something to make me smile I beat it. Every time I let them cut away another part of me, or give me medication that kills the cancer but kills off a few other things I beat it. And when the time comes that I die, I will kill the d@#n parasite with pleasure. I really will have beaten it then. In the meantime, I plan on living the very best life I can in every given moment. That means that sometimes the only pleasure I can particpate in is viewing a sunset, or reading a book, or drawing, or just sitting here listening to those I love talk among themselves. Other times I get out there in the world and -within the physical limitations as they exist- I do what I enjoy.

It's a win-win situation. One way or another I win. Attitude won't cure any of us. But it DOES determine how we live. We have to make a conscious decision to LIVE. It's okay to cry and be sad, just not for too long.

Thanks for being here for me. I appreciate it.

Fay A.


Fay A. age 44 at diagnosis

NSCLC Adeno W/ BAC Features

Rt. Lung Upper and lower lobe segmentectomies 6-99, 4-00

Rt anterior thoracoscopy 11-00

Iressa 5-02 to 1-03

Pneumonectomy Rt. Lung and all Nodes right side of chest 5-03

Carbo-Taxotere 9/03-12/03

Recurrent Disease on Rt. Bronchial Stump/Subcarinal Node (missed one!)paratrachea 1/04

33 Radiation Treatments/Daily Amifostine Injections 8/2004

Mets to Right Axilla 8/04

12-26-04 Tarceva

1-17-05 Scans show NERD!

4-05 Scans show NERD!

6-22-05 Clear Chest Xray

7-22-05 1.7cm Tumor Left Lung, possible 1.5cm to right shoulder.

7-27-05 3mm to 1mm CT shows 1.7 cm lesion confirmed. Bummer.

8-17-05 Botched FNAB with bleeding into both lobes of left lung and botched insertion of 1st chest tube requiring insertion of second chest tube, and pathology inconclusive as to malignant or not.

9-7-05 Left Lung Wedge Resection to remove tumor (cancerous after all and a different type of Adenocarcinoma than previous tumors in right lung. Surgeon used standard thoracotomy incision on left side. One broken rib (he says greenstick fracture). More pain with this surgery than any of the previous 3 big thoracotomies on the right side. Still in a significant amount of pain as of 9-27-05.

12-1-05 Coughing spell breaks left rib; 12-9-05 CT scan shows mass in left pleura; 1-3-06 FNAB of Pleural mass shows Malignant. Left side ribs continue to break. 1-6-06 start Gemzar alone. Add in Tarceva as soon as stomach can tolerate it.


Lost my Mother, My Maternal Aunt and Uncles, Maternal Great Aunts, numerous cousins to Adenocarcinoma with BAC or BAC only Lung Cancers. I am the third "...biopsy proven..." generation with Adeno with BAC. Not all family members afflicted with this disease were smokers or exposed to tobacco smoke. Paternal side of family remarkable for Pancreatic Cancer or Chronic and acute Pancreatitis as cause of death in everyone. BAC is also primary in the Pancreas, the only other organ besides Lung known to be a primary locus for Bronchioloalveolar Carcinoma (BAC).

Researchers are looking into BAC as a possible bone cancer! Exciting news as I have had removal of Giant Cell Bone Tumors off and on since I was a young child. We were always told that my bone tumors were considered 'benign' because they were a very slow growing tumor and could take 20 or more years before they spread to other areas. I am paying special attention to the work out of the University of Ohio in Cleveland and hope that my children will keep up with the work being done there when I am gone. Their lives may depend upon what those folks learn over the next few years. These are the same researchers who found the location of the defective genes involved in the development of Lung Cancer in Non Smokers which are also the same genes involved in the development of some forms of Polycystic Kidney Disease, which I also have.


Some other health issues I face:

Polycystic Kidney Disease with Multiple Organ Involvement; Benign Meningioma, Benign Left Adrenal Tumor, Giant Cell Tumors of the tendons and bone, Bilateral Mastectomies for pre-malignant Breast Tumors, many other benign tumors and cysts in the skin, veins, muscles and other organs; Sjogren's Syndrome, Crohn's-IBD with Hiatal Hernia and GERD, Rheumatoid Arthritis,

Ehlers-Danlos type connective tissue disorder, Degenerative Disc Disease of Spine. Heart Murmur.

Praying for One Smart Cookie and an Armadillo!

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When I first came to LCSC I was not what you would call a 'poster' at all. I felt I had not much to contribute and could not do much for anybody here. Fay made me PROMISE to post and support folks. When my prognosis was grim she told me that in 5 years I would still be here as one of the old-timers offering support and hope and that it was my 'job' to do so. Well, here it is just about 5 years later and each time I think I should be done here, her words are repeated in my head. She was awesome, indeed. I miss her too.


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