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Tuesday's Air


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I know.....I know......I should be sleeping at 2am instead of posting the air this morning. My hours these days are just crazy.

Don't know what the weather is like cuz it's dark outside LOL But it will most likely be cold again.

I actually left the house yesterday! Not for long though just to the grocery store and back, but at least it was OUTSIDE! For dinner I had chocolate covered almonds. :-o

Well, hope everyone is okay and I'm headed to FB now. I think Ann and I are competing and I can't let her catch up ya know?

Lily....no, that wasn't me that called last night although I should have. I could have used someone to chat with. Maybe I'll call tonight if I'm awake.

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Good morning, all.

Michelle.....so sorry that you were awake at 2:00 am but glad "The Air" got an early start. You know, you're probably going to really soar ahead of me in Cafe World, as I'm getting really tired of cooking...lol!!! I keep trying to tell my self that I'm not addicted to that little game but I've not been very convincing.

High here today is supposed to be 80 with rain moving into the area tonight. I was really glad yesterday was nice so that the shuttle got to fly. I stepped outside my office to see the launch. Funny how we've become so accustomed to watching that big bird take launch. I'm really going to miss seeing the launches when the program ends. I'm also very concerned about all of the workers that will be laid off.

Has anyone ever gone to a Dove chocolate party? I went to one last night and I have to tell you that it was sinful! I haven't had chocolate for over three months and last night I caved in and had fruit dipped in their melting chocolate. OMG !!! They also have a product called chocolatini that you add vodka to for a chocolate martini. You have to try one. It's a great sipping drink.

I hope everyone has a great day in your corner of this big old world!


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Wow I just got up. Michelle I sat up until 1am this morning. First time I have done that on purpose for a while. I did have another glass of wine sure did sleep hard.

I will be on the go all day today. After I have my coffee I have to take Misty out then I am going to coffee with one of my neighbors. Fitness class is at then then I have to do laundry. I am out of clean clothes.

Today I will start some of my cooking for tomorrow. I have a cake and fruit salad and cole slaw to make today. I want to bake my cornbread for my dressing too. Then tomorrow I will do the turkey, ham, dressing, massed potatoes and brocollit casserole. Busy day and I sure hope we have the turn out we had for our Christmas Dinner Last year.

Nest week for the real Thanksgiving I will be going down to my sister in laws.

Michelle if you feel like it call tonight. As you can see I will be busy during the day.

That phone call is a real mystery to me. It wasn't you or Marisa and you are only among very few who call my home phone instead of my cell.

Have a great day all.

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Hi everyone. So glad the Air is carrying on without me. It's been hectic. To PSL and back and back there again today after my infusion. I got so overwhelmed I spaced my labs here in KW on Monday. When they called to tell me I was at the hospital. We ran around and packed a few things and drove down in the truck Monday afternoon/evening. I had labs yesterday and infusion today. I keep forgetting KW has to do labs the day before so they can order the chemo. I was embarrassed. This was the second appmt I missed. They were nice though.

I hope my daughter gets out of the hospital today. I'm going to try to pace myself better when I get back up there. She expects to go home and they will schedule the surgery for what they now know is a 15 cm cyst on her ovary. They can't do it lap that size so it will be the standard old cut. She'll have a hysterectomy too. So it will be back up again sometime in January. What happened to those few months I was going to get to stay home?

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in Key West

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