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Morning All! I responded to Tuesday's air on Wednesday yesterday. I won't go into the chaos in my life right now again. I'll just say I've been to KW and back to PSL since Monday evening. We got in late last night. The most significant symptom of my stress is I consistently think it is a day of the week other than what it really is. No one will ever know if I really get Alzheimers.

I'm coming out of my Hall Pass briefly before the chaos starts again. Stan left for what became two jobs instead of one. Wendy's still in the hospital. I guess Dominick hasn't been happy at home with her boyfriend so he stayed at the hospital with his mom last night. He'll be stuck there until I go get him and I'm already dealing with Alimta constipation on my first day which seldom if ever has happened. Won't be going anywhere until that's resolved.

I'll catch up here one of these days. Maybe over the weekend when the family is busy. It's Wendy's boyfriend's birthday and some muckety-muck associated with the Karate school will be in for the weekend. Hopefully, I can take off.

Have a good day everyone.

Judy in Key West

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Good to see you were here bright and early, Judy. Hope you have a smooth day and things get less chaotic for you.

As for me, I'm just glad that tomorrow is Friday and then next week will be a three day work week for me. If you didn't know better, you might think I hate my job but I really do love it. It's just that I always have so much to catch up on and so little time, so I live for those weekends.

Since losing Dennis on December 15, 2002, I have had such a tough time getting through this time of the year in one piece. Every time that I look at the calendar, I am reminded of what was happening in my life seven years ago.

Today is really a nice day here on Florida's Space Coast. The high is supposed to be 80 and the sun is shining. I haven't had my A/C on for over a week now and all of my windows are open. I love it when that fresh air can come inside. We're supposed to have a couple of cold fronts come through in the next few days, so weather should be even nicer. We are very dry and in desperate need of rain.

So, I hope that everyone has a peaceful and fulfilling day!


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Good morning all. It is cold and clear here this morning with a major storm supposed to move in tomorrow.

I made it through yesterday but believe me I am feeling it today. I am not used to being on my feet for so long continuously and my sciatica was already kicking up after moving my love seat Saturday. So today I have to watch how I move and I think I will just take the day to be lazy.

I just looked at my calender and nearly freaked out. I can't believe it is less than three weeks before I leave on my trip and I have nothing done. I can't make my reservations until I get my check on the 3rd and am hoping to leave here on the 7th. I have no idea what I will even pack. I have a problem with pants because most of mine are either too small or too big. I can fit my cords now but am sure once in Louisiana I will gain back some of my weight so no need to pack them.

Gosh Judy I feel like a cry baby complaining after seeing what you are going through. I sure hope you get weekend off that you want.

Ann too bad we aren't closer. These days are really getting to me. That is part of the reason I am keeping so busy. Tomorrow is the aniversary of the day that Johnny went into the hospital that last time. So much happened that day and I will always be ashamed of my own behavior. It is unbelievable what stress can make you do.

Well have a good day everyone. I have some emails to catch up on.

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"Ann"]As for me, I'm just glad that tomorrow is Friday and then next week will be a three day work week for me.

Amen to that. I've had a terrible cold since Tuesday, and at my wonderful place of employment, they're cracking the whip about being online on company time, so I'll likely just be on at lunch and a quick fly by at breaks for a while.

Other than that, everything is just hunky dory in my neck of the woods. Have a great day, everyone!

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