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Working on a Research Paper...need your help!


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I am not sure if anyone remembers me, but I used to be a regular poster here on LCHELP.org. My mother, Nancy, died about a year and half ago from lung cancer after a 18 month journey with the disease. I haven't posted in a very long time. Initially because my heart couldn't do it, and then it seemed as though I had let too much time pass. I do regularly visit the message boards and keep up with the individuals I came to know through posting... they don't me :) but I know them. Unfortunately, I have been saddened by a few deaths.

This post is to ask for your help. I am working on a research paper about the correlation of media coverage/awareness/and lack of federal research funding for lung cancer. I was hoping to include some personal viewpoints of lung cancer survivors on media coverage in relation to lung cancer. Also-if you have ever felt there was a stigma attached to your lung cancer diagnosis.

Obviously, I have had my own experiences in that arena answering questions about my own mother.

Just a quick update... my family is doing ok. My father has met a wonderful woman, she now lives with him and they are very happy. My sisters and I all like her very much. I still have very low moments remembering her, remembering her death and just trying to move on--because as some of you know, there's not many people who want to hear those stories. I also have some beautiful memories and got to experience a very vivid dream of her, which provided me some comfort.

If anyone is willing to share his/her thoughts on this subject, I would greatly appreciate it!


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Hi Carrie

I am a survivor and did an interview with the local paper last year for Lung Cancer month. It had to do with the stigma of smoking and lung cancer. I also tried to convey the message that some non smoker's have a false sense of security about lung cancer. If I can help, let me know

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Carrie , I would help. It upsets me, this month, our one month, all they talk about is how some group says Mammograms are not recommended until you are 50. So Breast cancer is taking our month also!

I am a 12 year survivor as of 12/3. Still when someone finds out I had lung cancer the first question is "Do you still smoke?" THat is all people think about and it seems they are saying "It is all your fault!"

They don't mention that lung cancer kills more than all the leading cancers combined. We need early detection, we need research dollars, we need more treatments for all the different types.

They never ask people with other types of cancer questions that blame them like they do us.

Donna G

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I would be happy to help if I can. I wrote a letter to my local paper earlier in the month about November being LC awareness month, also sent a note to local TV stations. So far no letter published, not even a small article on LC - not a single one in the paper or local news.

When I was first dx in 1998 I had lots of people ask me if I smoked -- one in particular came right out and said it "well, it's your own fault after all". This time around I thought things had gotten better and mentioned to my husband that no one was asking me if I smoked -- was very disappointed to find out that they are simply being a little less blunt and have been asking him instead of asking me.

I know we can't let this get us down, but some days it is a little discouraging.


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