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Tuesday's Air


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Morning All! It looks to be a nic sunny day in Port St Lucie. But Ann, they've had rain here off and on for two or three days. I got to read all my friends posts in yesterday's Air but am still not getting notices of posts when I've requested them. Bud, I remember terrible fogs in NJ. I even lost the road and got my car stuck on the roadside once driving it at night as a teen-ager. I hate fog! Michelle, hope you get that job. Sounds like you're doing o.k. but I think having to get out to work, particularly if it involves being around people and work you enjoy will be a big help.

Ann sorry I can't take time to respond to your "funnies." I followed onscreen advice and installed Explorer 8 again and have had nothing but trouble since. Last night I couldn't do anything and it took forever to get online this morning. I try to come in and answer a few posts and do the Air but I really want to go to FB and play lol.

I went to my daughter's last evening and it was chaos. The recipe for the project at school didn't work on Sunday and again last night. So after shopping for groceries (Sam's AND Walmart) and scleping all the groceries first into her house and then into mine, I went back and washed dishes for what felt like forever while she went to the store for more ingredients for yet another recipe. She finally got hot water but two sink fulls remained after the dishwasher was full. Didn't get home til 8:30 and then the internet didn't work. Hope today is a better day.

You all have a good day too, o.k.? Let's all of us have a good day. I wanna go home lol.

Judy in Key West

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Hi Judy sounds like you are having fun :roll: It is still another beautiful day here. As you saw on facebook I took the day off for a while yesterday. Today will be busy again. I want to go for a short walk then we have fitness class. I am making danish for our sewing circle tomorrow then after that I will leave for my sister in laws for a few days.

I hope everyone has a great day.

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Judy, I have never seen anyplace where the rain skips around so randomly as it does here. I think we had rain all around us over the weekend but not a drop here. I'm hoping that we get lots of rain as this cold front moves through.

Don't you just hate it when you have more dirty dishes than your dishwasher can hold? That happens to me a lot, especially when I'm doing a lot of baking. I was so excited when they came out with the stoves with two ovens. Do you think they might come out with a dishwasher with two tubs...lol? I try to wash a lot of my bowls by hand as I go along, to save dishwasher space.

It's a dreary, overcast day here in Palm Bay. It keeps looking like it's going to rain...or snow....but no rain ever comes. So, keep those rain dances coming, as we're really dry.

This is my rough time of the year and getting through these next few weeks is almost unbearable for me but I have to keep chugging along. Keep me in your prayers.


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